Death Of Expertise

July 9, 2022
death of expertise

How important is vaccination? Is the Earth really flat? Are eggs good for consumption? In the information age as it is now, who answers such questions is not only experts, but also the adherents of conspiracy theories, lay people knowingly, to misleading celebrities. Sometimes, in today’s information jungle, expert explanations are not heard, while the answers of figures who have many followers are more trusted and endanger many people.

Tom Nichols photographed the reaitas well. Using the term “death of expertise”, professor U.S. The Naval War College and Harvard Extension School show how wrong opinions can be taken as truth. Worse, those who should provide enlightenment, such as universities, the media, to the experts themselves, sometimes actually have a hand in killing expertise.

The death of expertise is a message for everyone to seek and obtain information from the right sources. For the good of himself and others. The message is important not only for daily activities, but also to determine the direction of a country. When pundits are antagonized and anti-intellectualism is rife, the road to corrupt power is wide open, and the fate of democracy is threatened.

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