Everybody Lies

July 9, 2022
everybody lies

In this groundbreaking work, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Harvard-educated economist, argues that many of the things we think about other people are actually very wrong. Why is that? People lie, to friends, spouses, doctors, surveys—and themselves. However, we no longer need to rely on what people tell us. ⁣

New data from the internet-a trail of information left by billions of people on Google, social media, online dating agencies, even pornographic sites-is finally revealing the truth to questions like

• Is advertising effective? ⁣
Does it matter where we go to college? ⁣
• Where is the best place to raise a child? ⁣
• What to talk about on a first date if you want to make sure there will be a second date? ⁣

Everybody Lies blends Nate Silver’s the Signal and the Noise analysis, Malcolm Gladwell’s outliers storytelling and Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics antics into a book that will change the way you see the world. There is virtually no limit to what can be learned about humans from big data—that is available if you ask the right questions.⁣

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