Kiai Ujang in the state of Kangaroo

July 9, 2022
Kiai Ujang in the state of Kangaroo

That afternoon at a supermarket in the St. Petersburg area. Lucia, Australia, Ujang intends to buy beef and chicken meat.

“Assalamu’ alaikum, Brother. Why buy meat here? It doesn’t have a halal stamp,” Sajid, a brother from Pakistan, admonished Ujang.

“I want to buy beef and chicken, not pork. What if there is no Halal stamp is definitely illegal?” said Ujang.

“You don’t understand the rules of Islam. Buy halal meat at halal butcher, not at the supermarket, ” Sajid replied as he passed.


That’s an excerpt of one of the stories collected by Nadirsyah “Gus Nadir” Hosen in this book, the stories she experienced herself while living in the Land of kangaroos.

With his trademark light style, this lecturer at Monash University invites us to understand the Quran and Hadith with a more open and less rigid mind.

Even though it happened in Australia, Gus Nadir’s stories are very relevant for Indonesian readers, especially in the midst of the current self-righteous attitudes.

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