Political Identity Of Muslims

July 9, 2022
political identity of Muslims

In politics, Muslims are like the passengers of a boat sailing on the high seas, without stars, without a compass, not knowing the destination, and not knowing how to sail. Sometimes people are confused because their role models act arbitrarily, forgetting that behind them there are many people. Therefore, the political rules of the people must be clearly defined, so that the people are free from the personal temperament of a leader. In fact, a leader must follow the rules, not vice versa, determine the rules.

In the midst of the strengthening of identity politics that makes Islamic Society fragmented and fragmented in groups that are almost as extreme in assessing and interpreting everything, this book offers an alternative way out: Islamic politics is rational and democratic politics. Political Islam must be based on clear rules, oriented to the common good, and subject to rules that are in line with the spirit of Islam as an energy of liberation.

Thickness: 307 pages
Weight: 300 grams
ISBN: 9786027696457
Publisher: Ircisod

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