Prince of the East

July 9, 2022
Prince of the East

The novel Pangeran dari Timur is a work of fiction based on the life story of the painter Raden Saleh. Co-authored by Kurnia Effendi and Iksaka Banu. The Novel takes 20 years from 1999 to 2019. There are two historical stages in it, namely the Raden Saleh stage and the stage of the people of the movement period. Interesting, isn’t it?

Their decision to make a novel together of course there are many influences and obstacles, even conflicting between their different writing styles and perspectives. But gradually they become complementary.

Iksaka Banu used literature such as Dutch newspapers to find out the data of Raden Saleh when he went to school in the Netherlands. Even in completing Raden Saleh’s story, Kurnia Effendi went to the Netherlands and confirmed Raden Saleh’s factual data as they had found in Dutch newspapers. It is not surprising that the novel Prince of the East was worked on for 20 years.

Iksaka Banu, is the winner of Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa. He is a writer specializing in colonial-themed stories, while Kurnia Effendi is a famous fiction writer who is active in the world of literacy.

The difference actually makes Kurnia Effendi and Iksaka Banu complement each other. The excellence of this novel is written double plot with a straight division, Iksaka Banu wrote the history of Raden Saleh and Kurnia Effendi wrote the plot of the movement by presenting the nuances of contention that can provoke the reader’s emotions. And that is their goal to make a kind of Verdict, Who the hell is Raden Saleh? so two opposing camps were created so that the reader could interpret for himself, who was Raden Saleh?

The collaboration of the two resulted in the work of historical novels that are interesting to read.

Thickness: 604 pages
Weight: 700 grams
ISBN: 978-602-291-675-8
Publisher: Panjang Pustaka

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