July 9, 2022

Chicken porridge stirred first or not? Please go to the middle of the battle for the truth ala medsos. Or will you pull over? We meet. There was a twilight that I gave you, I gave it without wrapping, because the sky is more sincere than any wrapping paper. And coffee. And this simple book. And the line of the horizon, the meeting of heaven and earth that has been outlined becomes Destiny.

Don’t like coffee? No Problemo. There’s almost everything you want. Want just tea, ginger wedang, juice, or ciu and become an indie kid? Let your manhood take care of it. My business to you is just talking. It reminds me of your own songs. A song about lovers, about a sense of longing, about a funny country, a little tacky but Miss-able… also a curious song: Rotten shrimp made into shrimp paste, is it still as delicious as a broken love reunited?

That’s Talijiwo’s Song. Your own shot. The song that the struggle for truth makes you forget about it.

Give back all your memories, including those of your former lover. That’s it. There is no point in this Talijiwo song inviting you to cry. Just as he left you with memories, he left you with tears for the world. That’s fair. Let your ex be your tears, but never your tears.


All right! Hopefully the way I bring this Talijiwo song can process all your feelings into tears in history, and not lead you to fall into the abyss of tears.

Thickness: 264 pages
Weight: 300 grams
Publisher: Diva Press

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