The Leader Who Had No Title

July 9, 2022
The Leader who had no title

The Leader Who Had No Title is the essence of Robin Sharma’s 15 years of experience as a leadership consultant at various Fortune 500 companies, namely Microsoft, GE, Nike, FedEx, and IBM. Robin also successfully managed international organizations such as Yale University, the American Red Cross, and The Young Presidents Organization.

In contrast to leadership books in general, Sharma drugged us all through the story of a bookstore keeper named Blake Davis who felt his life was dry and flat. For him, work was just a way to pay bills rather than a means to the best of his ability. Until one day, a miracle appeared in his unusually boring daily routine. He got a 77-year-old new work friend who has repeatedly held the title of Employee of the year. During his 50 years of service, this old man refused various promotions offered to him. Even the Vice President!

Through this story, Sharma brings us all to understand the nature of passion, leadership, how to influence people like “stars”, and convinces us to leave the hard and “bloody” competition for office.

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