Time not to get married

July 9, 2022
time not to get married

A collection of short stories Amanatia Junda’s time not to marry consists of 14 short stories with female protagonists from various backgrounds and ages. Written in the time range 2012-2017 and arranged randomly in the table of contents.

Some short stories have been published in several media both online and print media. The red thread in short stories in addition to telling stories about women, more invites readers to dive into the contents of the heads of characters who are sometimes random and rambling with their memories of personal matters in the past that have not been resolved properly, or something they have never revealed on the surface before.

The issues that become the social context of some of the stories here are also diverse, such as rape, forest fires, corruption, street old women, relationships of lovers, a pair of grandparents, a pair of female friends, a pair of children’s mothers, etc.

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