Traditional Islam continues to move

July 9, 2022
traditional islam continues to move

Together with his two biological children whom we cannot deny his birth, freedom and Human Rights, the current of modernity continues to move rapidly forward. Meanwhile, Muslims remain in a stagnant state. As a result, the cultural reality of Muslims around the world is marginalized. Their traditions and customs are torn apart and eroded by the process of modernity. In fact, in many Islamic countries, Muslims are subjected to duping and impoverishment of advanced nations.

So, how do Muslims respond to the claim that “Islam is superior and cannot be surpassed”, in the midst of the craziest wave called modernism? How can Muslims prove the claim that ” Islamic law is in harmony with the Times”?

This book records very well the dynamics of traditional Islamic thought, namely among young NU intellectuals and pesantren, in the midst of the devastating onslaught of modernism in this decade. The realities that occur among the Muslims are stared at with sharp and full of concern by the progressive young generation. All this is done in order for the Muslims to be able to stand firmly on the feet of Islam in the grip of modernism.

Thickness: 344 pages
ISBN: 978-602-7696-78-5
Publisher: Ircisod
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